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歡迎光臨和平台福基督教會網站 Warm Greetings from EFC-Alhambra!

我們是隸屬於台福總會美國南加州中區的一間教會,於西元1991年4月14日設立。現有華語,台語,英語及兒童事工,服務Alhambra及臨近San Marino, San Grabriel, Monterey Park, Temple City, South Pasadena, Rosemead 等地區的華人基督徒, 家庭與慕道友們。

We are an EFC family church located in Alhambra, California. Founded in 1991, we offers English, Chinese, Taiwanese and Children Ministries to Chinese Christians, friends and their families living in Alhambra and neighborhood areas, such as San Marino, San Gabriel, Monterey Park, Temple City, South Pasadena and Rosemead. 


聚會 崇拜時間 主日學 詩班練習
華語 09:40AM 11:30AM 1:00PM
台語 11:00AM 09:40AM 1:00PM
英語 10:00AM 11:30AM
兒童 09:40AM 10:30/11:30AM

This is a re-launch of EFC-Alhambra Website. It’s now under Construction and please make re-visits for updates!!