Welcome Minister Angel Chau 歡迎英文堂吳恩悅傳道


Welcome Minister Angel Chau to join us and service in English Ministry from October 2021!

Minister Angel Wu Chau

Angel was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Dallas at age eight with her family. She attended college in San Diego studying Human Development and later graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. She is also a certified Montessori preschool teacher and taught for several years. Angel and her husband John have been married for six years and enjoy watching movies together, visiting the beach, and eating at new restaurants. 
(Editor’s note: She has served in EFC-Alhambra’s Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry in the past)

Angel 吳恩悅傳道的自我介紹:
她出生於 台灣,八歲時隨家人移民到美國德州達拉斯。大學期間她在San Diego 修讀人力資源發展,之後於 Pasadena 的富勒神學院榮獲道學碩士學位。之後她也獲得蒙特梭利教師認證,並擔任學前班老師多年。吳傳道和她的夫婿結婚六年,喜歡看電影,到海灘戲水,及品嘗各式餐廳。